CyBar 286080DD was the first CyBar created and is in the style of a classical, early 20th century manor house library / study / morning room.

Designed to reflect a place where books are stacked, cigars are smoked and whiskey is drunk.

CyBar 286080DD was then placed in Dublin city centre for someone to take if they wished.

Photos documented CyBar 286080DD’s point of view combining my interests in design, woodwork, photography and street art.

Along with a lamp in its head, CyBar 286080DD also houses a drawer in its mouth to hold any small or precious items.

CyBar’s 286080DD’s chest cavity is also stocked with miniature bottles of liquor and a shot glass just big enough to carry around what dignity you have left from last night.

CyBar 286080DD was placed on the roof of the brick kiosk at the junction of Adelaide Road and Leeson Street.

It was designed as a water pressure station but provided the perfect mount with excellent views down Leason Street and Fitzwilliam Place.

You can contact Conor for further information on the creation of a personalised CyBar by emailing or by clicking on the link opposite to take the survey.