Éalú Furniture design and manufacture is contemporary, bespoke furniture by Conor Cremins.

Éalú, the Gaelic translation for Escape, is furniture constructed as unique, stylish pieces which fall on the luxurious side of every day needs.

Conor is delighted to announce that he has won the Irish Country Magazine’s “Irish Made Awards” for the Furniture category for the year 2019. Very taken aback, but extremely happy to have won the prestigious award, Conor would like to thank everyone who voted for him.

He would specially like to thank everyone at Irish Country Magazine for adding him to the nominations and giving him the opportunity to be placed on the list with so many other incredible designers and makers. Many thanks to the Design and Crafts Council of Ireland for their support to all Irish Made nominees and all Irish makers across the country.

Conor would especially  like to Kilkenny Design for their support and sponsorship of the Furniture award. Conor is looking forward to working with you in the future and to proudly see his pieces showcased for sale in Kilkenny Design stores.

Completed Work

Completed pieces by Conor for sale or reproduction to your specific taste or to fit your desired environment.