CyBar 286080DD – Part 1…Design

CyBar 286080DD was the first CyBar I designed and created under a vintage style. I wanted the feeling of a library or den from a early 1900’s state house…but brand new.

Regrettably I have a very small amount of hand written notes about creating CyBar 286080DD. It wasn’t until I went to create other CyBars with the confidence of having completed one fully, that I began to write out a plan and then build on it…no pun intended…

After throwing around different ideas in my head of what style of CyBar to create I decided on a classical style. The choice stemmed from a previous concept of putting a full installation in a bus shelter which would be a replication of an environment or scene. Examples being:

  • A classical late 19th century couple posing in their Morning Room for a portrait
  • A ginger bread house
  • A zombie enclosure using chicken wire to surround the shelter
  • A shop looking to trade “Cash for the Old”
    • Where people bought elderly relatives or neighbours to trade for cash

As this became a bigger and bigger project, it became apparent it was further out of my range at the time and that I should concentrate on constructing a CyBar. However, I thought I could incorporate the classical theme into a CyBar, using the wallpaper for the installation as a decorative element which could reference back to the installation if I ever got to make it.

I knew I had definitive areas I had to construct in order to create the CyBar.

  • A chest area to house the minibar
  • A head area for the lamp

From there, I could do as I pleased, however, I still needed something as a template to for guidance so found the image below and printed.

From the above classical robot, I came up with the following plans for CyBar 286080DD.

My written notes go from here start here.

Original text in black with notes on construction in bold.

Classical robot would be elegant with some wallpaper as that of classical bus stop.

  • Wallpaper already have
    • I found a wine coloured and gold wallpaper which I thought was pretty disco and could imagine in a classical couple’s Morning Room or conservatory.

Lampshade to be placed on top of head.

  • Cream lampshade with tassels
    • I had purchased a lampshade for the CyBar, as especially with a classical theme, I thought a worn, faux lace lampshade would look great on the CyBar so I purchased one on eBay…this was not the case and it just didn’t suit it after trying it a number of different ways so I left it off.

Chest of robot (and possibly arms) require a form of dado rail along them.

  • Something small but elegant
    • I never used dado rail for the decorating the CyBar, because anyone who has any sense knows it’d be far too fucking big for the CyBar. Looking back I believe I was thinking of coving. While I did not use coving for the arms, I did use it as a border for the CyBar’s chest.
  • Painted in eggshell paint (thick and creamy)
    • …”thick and creamy”?…

The mouth needs to be two circles of wood. They will be teeth, also giving height to the robot.

  • I thought that the CyBar would need a neck, especially if I was adding a lampshade to the head. I hoped two or three discs of pine would replicate a mouth but they did not and it looked off as you can see below.

Drinks Cabinet Chest
For the chest of the robot, see if can construct door of the chest and line the inside with mirror

  • Make a small area to place miniatures in
  • Scotches, Paddy, Jagger

See if it would be possible to put very small hinges on doors to open and close

The drinks cabinet doors would not be covered in wallpaper, they would be dyed or polished wood but framed by wallpaper – as per post it below

  • Possibly same for legs also
  • Have to use pine for this and stain it

The robot is then to have body cover in bats

  • There should only be a minimal amount as still need to be able to see wallpaper.
    • I had designed small bat images and thought airbrushing them onto the CyBar’s body could look cool…however, as soon I became more excited about the construction of the CyBar and less about stenciling, I realised this was a terrible idea and did not proceed.

Wallpaper is the connection to the bus stop

  • Bats are the connection to first stencils.
    • No longer relevant.

As the design process was now complete, I was able to move onto the constructing the CyBar as closely to the design plans as I could…or so I thought