A collection of batch production items which while batched produced still remain unique due to the Éalú’s defined style.

Eiltilt Table

The Eiltilt Table is a a coffee table made from the natural shape of the end of a slab of timber. Cut and placed to create a longer form which is then balanced by twine threaded between the two to tie any room together.

A stylish piece made simply from the ends of timber slabs usually neglected in the manufacture of solid wood pieces to define any room.


The Woodhouse is a sleek valet stand that can nestle easily into the corner of any room while lighting it up.

Made from any species of wood of your choice, the linear piece is simple yet sturdy for holding a full suit and shirt with a tray for holding your wallet, phone or cufflinks.

The Woodhouse is available in any species of wood for purchase upon request.

The Foyer Table

A small table which can be placed at the entrance to any home. The high table allows allows for the home owner to place belongs in a place where they will tidy either on entry or exit from the home.

With a live edge to the table top and burl veneered edges ensure a unique piece in your home.  The Foyer Table comes in multiple sizes. Length and width can be adapted and the piece can be made from any species of wood.

A batch item available upon request, please contact for further details.