While this survey is very long, it is important to gather as much information as possible to ensure your CyBar is as unique as possible. Please note, however, if you do not wish to answer any question, please feel free to leave it out.

In addition, where multiple items have been requested, if you only have a singular one, then please feel free to enter as little as you wish.

1 Aesthetics
2 Personal Vices
3 Contact Details
  • (example Bauhaus, Art Deco, Renaissance)
  • Please note, these artists can be painters, sculptors, ceramics, street art. List does not have to be in preference.
  • Please note, these can be any type of designer. Graphic designer, web designer, furniture designer, fashion designer, architect. Doesn’t matter how obscure, I will find them.
  • Example Baushaus, Deconstructive, Victorian
  • Please note, this can be any kind of period ranging from the Mayan’s to the Italian Renaissance to World War 1 – Please be as specific as you wish.