Drinks Trays

Drinks Trays

Drinks Trays are constructed from two pieces of wood with a live edge connected by butterfly joints of a complimenting alternative wood.

The live edge of the tray, with its dried bark still exposed, means that each tray is entirely unique.

The trays photographed are the Irish woods oak, cedar and ash but trays from different types of wood are in production on a regular basis.

Drinks Trays are constructed from two pieces of planed solid wood each with a live edge.

The wood is then connected using a complimentary wood in a series of butterfly or stitch joints with matching legs and handles.

Each tray is created to highlight its cracks or dried bark meaning that each tray is entirely unique to its owner making it an ideal keepsake.

All detailing and jointing are hand cut and sanded to a very fine finish and polished with oil.

Due to its original design derived from the nature of the wood, trays make an ideal keep sake or anniversary gift for anyone.

Trays are constructed on a regular basis but requests of preferences of wood and styles can be taken and accommodated.