CyBars are multi-functional handmade wooden lamps in the shape of vintage robots. There are two primary functions to each CyBar:

  • A lamp in the head
  • A minibar in the chest cavity.

Each CyBar is conceived and built to a specific style using skills I have learnt through design and woodworking.

As of this time I have constructed four CyBars with themes of:

Commissions for CyBars are currently available based on a short survey. Each CyBar will be specifically designed to an owners tastes based on this survey which can be taken.

You can contact Conor for further information on the creation of a personalised CyBar by emailing or by clicking on the link opposite to take the survey.

As of this time, I am working on a fifth CyBar which is themed around the culture of Hong Kong  and deconstructive architecture which itself is based on the Deconstruction philosophy forged in the writings of the French philosopher Jacques Derrida.