Completed Works

Completed pieces by Conor for sale or reproduction to your specific taste or to fit your desired environment.

An Diallait

An Diallait is a stacking stool with a classical elegant look with a contemporary twist.

Its curved, laminated elm creates a continuous flowing line which supports the seat that runs across the two upper planes of the line.

Translated into Gaelic Saddle, An Diallait was created to bring people together.

The curved lower legs allow the sitter to lean in to those close to those in their company to share a secret, a national past time of the Irish.

Le Nid de Camile D’Oiseau

Le Nid de Camile D’Oiseau is a free formed unique table based the construction of a bird’s nest.

40 pieces of ash, some with a live edge, are arranged in an entirely unique structure to each table made as they wrap around one another to support a glass table top.

The assembly of the pieces represent the appearance of a bird’s nest in progress.

Grand Canal Table

The Grand Canal Table is a table based on the Grand Canal area and specifically the facade of the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre and the water basin it looks over.

The table is made of walnut and flamed beech with a glass top.

Drinks Trays

Drinks Trays are constructed from two pieces of the same wood with a live edge connected by walnut butterfly joints with walnut handles and legs.

Due to their live edge, each Drinks Tray is entirely unique and individual.

Drinks trays made of bog wood are currently in production and available shortly.