Weekly Projects

Weekly Projects are a series of endeavors to create something artistic once a week…even if it sucks.

Projects will range from drawings, film posters, tee shirts, products, food items, written items and just the general down right stupid. Each will hopefully be accompanied by a short blog.

All Weekly Projects can be found on the Éalú Instagram page.

District 9 Alternative Poster

As of this time, I have created an alternative poster for Neill Blomkamp‘s iconic sci-fi District 9 based on prawn flavoured cat-food. Cat food was a favored  food by the aliens – commonly known as prawn – who occupied District 9 in Johannesburg South Africa. 

Other films for creation of alternative film posters in this vein are include; Point Break , Road House , Under the Skin and Boiler Room and are to come

Devil’s Net T-Shirt

The Devil’s Net T-Shirt is a t-shirt based on the stick sculptures constructed by Glenn Fleshler’s character Errol Childress in the HBO show True Detective.

The image is an outline of the sculpture as, named by Clarke Peters’ character The Minister, which leads the path to “Carcosa”.

You can purchase a Devil’s Net T-Shirt by emailing Conor at info@ealu.ie

In order to see the latest Weekly Projects by Conor including up coming bog wood jewelry click on the button opposite for the Instagram link.