Le Nid D’Oiseau de Camile

The inspiration for Le Nid D’Oiseau de Camile came from the thick storks’ nests which decorate the rooftops of Marrakesh.

The dense concentration of thick branches used by the storks, bring the idea of a structure of systematic complexity wrapped in chaos.

Brought to its most basic form with individual interlocking joints on each  ash element, this system gives an entirely original and structure to each client’s order.

Le Nid D’Oiseau de Camile is 450mm high with a 10mm thick glass top. The glass is one meter at its widest point but the table design allows it to be constructed at any size.

The table is made from a collection of olive ash, with spaulted elements and elements with a live edge.

Each table is made from approximately 40 elements of wood which are 35mm by 35mm and range from 650mm to 750mm in length.

The table is an ideal piece for any study, library, living room or any room where good brandy is shared and cigars smoked.

For the queries concerning the purchase of your personal and unique version of Le Nid D’Oiseau de Camile, please email Conor at info@ealu.ie